the first few months really count for a person.


By: Amy Shirley, Counselling Psychologist

There are many people who believe that newborn babies only begin to really become aware of their surroundings and able to interact with those around them after a few months in the world, or when they start walking or talking. In fact, much research has shown that this could not be further from the truth.

“…Newborns come into the world with a wide array of mental skills and predispositions and a set of abilities that are uniquely suited to the critical needs of early life”. (Nugent et al. 2007)

Newborn babies are able to:


Newborns are sensitive to eye gaze from the very start of life.

Newborn babies are able to track / follow objects and faces.

They have a preference for faces over other stimuli, showing how social they are and how geared for bonding.

They also have a preference for their mother’s…

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